Sephora Pantone Universe

A new collection by Sephora coming in 2016. Sephora Pantone Universe Color of the Year. The colours in the palette are so pretty.



Drugstore Make-up Products to-try List

Drugstore Make-up try list


Just a little selection of drugstore make-up products I want to try out:

1. e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation – £3.98
2. e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer – £4.50
3. e.l.f Angled Foundation Brush – £4.50
4. e.l.f Lip Exfoliator – £4.50
5. Kiko Milano Matte Muse Lipstick in Luxury Sangria – £6.90
6. Kiko Milano Illuminating Stick in Bright Rose – £6.90
7. MUA Power Pouts Lipstick in Crazy In Love – £1.00
8. Gosh Multi Colour Blush Bronze in shade 51 – £7.99
9. Kiko Milano Moon Dust Face Powder in Fairy Mauve – £13.90
10. Collection Speedy Highlighter Pearl Sheen 1 – £3.99

Makeup Products I Want To Try

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1. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Face Sculpt & Highlight
2. theBalm NUDE ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette
3. YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush
4. Burberry Nail Polish (Photo Source)
5. Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette (Photo Source)
6. Nars Foundation
7. Two Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection
8. Urban Decay Setting Sprays
9. benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter
10. benefit feelin’ Dandy lip & cheek kit

New Makeup/Dress/Shoes/Jewellery

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but I have a wedding reception to go to on Thursday, so I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping. It took me ages to find a dress that was suitable and that I liked (it seems that most shops don’t have any kind of formal wear during the summer), but I eventually found a dress at Oasis (£65). It’s one of the dresses from the V&A collection. I’ve never owned anything like it, but it fits so well that I really want more like it.

I bought some new makeup too, I probably could have made do with what I have, but oh well! I got a blue nail varnish (Pottery Blue, New Look, £2.99) because there’s some blue detail in the dress, but I’m not sure how it’ll look just yet. I also bought a new lipstick (Mink, New Look, £3.99) and lip liner (Shade 23?, New Look, £1.99), and a new mascara (Lashtitude by Technik, TK Maxx, £2.99 instead of £9.99). I’ve never tried the mascara before, but I was in the mood to try something new, plus it was cheaper than the RRP.

I got some simple gold jewellery from H&M which I would quite happily wear everyday, but I think the necklace and bracelet with the gold bar will look really nice with the dress. The shoes I got are also New Look (£17.99).

And just a little random update I guess – I’ve been looking for ways to store my make up that don’t frustrate the hell out of me. If I put things in a draw I never use it, but I can’t have everything on my dresser because there’s limited space, so I put everything on a cake stand. It’s kinda cute. It’s a lot easier than just stacking things on top of each other, and looks a lot cleaner and nicer.

Make up




Oasis V&A


Cake stand makeup

My Favourite Lipsticks


I don’t have much in the way of skills when in comes to the rest of my make up, but I love wearing lipstick when I can. These are my four favourites; two are quite light and pretty, one is a bright classic red and the other is a deep purple.

The lipsticks from left to right are Seventeen Stay Pout in Make An Entrance, Hema Moisturising Lipstick in the shade 25, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 477 Black Cherry and MUA Lipstick in 16 Nectar.

Make An Entrance and Black Cherry are what I wear on a night out and are long lasting. I always have to wear a lip liner with these as they can look a little messy otherwise, and I find that I can’t really wear these shades without a more flawless finish to my foundation, but I love these two lipsticks. They really make a difference to my makeup look.

I wear the Hema lipstick and the MUA lipstick mostly during the day as they are quite subtle when on the lips. They feel soft and creamy when you apply and are quite long lasting. They’re really pretty shades and can be used in quite a few different looks. The only downside is that the Hema lipstick can sometimes start to form that little ring around the inside of the lips, but other than that I really like it.

Thank you for reading! And feel free to recommend your favourite lipsticks, I love trying out new ones.